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Die tapping technique is efficient in the automatic producti

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With the increase of labor costs, the population dividend of labor-intensive enterprises has been decreasing year by year. The technical dividend for mechanization and automation has become a development trend. At present, the domestic sheet metal stamping die industry needs to process the threaded hardware. Many manufacturers stay in the single punch or continuous stamping products, and then carry out the traditional manual processing card such as secondary artificial tapping and automatic tapping. The in-mold tapping technology can meet the automatic production requirements of the punching machine itself, and thus realize the integration of stamping and tapping. Whether in the company itself, the staff is reduced, the efficiency is improved, the quality is improved, and the in-mold tapping technology is used for metal stamping. The changes brought by production companies are enormous.
Sheet metal stamping die
The traditional tapping production methods result in high production cost, low efficiency and unsatisfactory quality. The costs include: stamping processing cost, handling cost, tapping cost, and die tapping production methods are completed by stamping “forming + tapping” automatically, its production speed is fast and efficient, high quality and stable, and the costs include stamping processing cost and die tapping machine investment.
Die tapping technology is introduced into the metal stamping industry as a technology. It has a certain degree of cooperation with punching machines, feeding systems, molds, extrusion taps, tapping cooling media, etc. Gree Daikin is the leading international precision stamping die maker with 30 years' experience of stamping die technology, focusing on the production of home appliances, automotive industry products. Sheet metal stamping die has flexible automatic technology, automatic die tapping technology, color-coated plate mold technology and precision continuous mold technology. Product accuracy can reach ± ​​0.02mm, mold stamping speed is up to 250 times, mold life can reach more than 3 million times.

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