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Common elements of plastic mold processing design

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With the continuous development of social economy, people's living standards have improved. Plastic molds are more and more widely used in our daily lives, so how are plastic membranes processed and designed? The following are the common elements of plastic mold processing and design in daily life:
Plastic mold
   1. Parting surface, that is, the touch surface of the concave mold and the convex mold when the plastic mold is processed and closed. The selection of its orientation and method is affected by factors such as the shape and appearance of the finished product, wall thickness, molding method, post-processing skills, plastic mold processing type and structure, demolding method, and molding machine structure.
   2. Structural parts, that is, the slider, inclined top, straight top block, etc. The design of structural parts is very important, which is related to the life of plastic mold processing, processing cycle, cost, product quality, etc. Therefore, the design of a messy plastic mold processing center structure requires a higher comprehensive ability of the designer. Economical and more economical design scheme.
   3. Plastic mold processing accuracy, namely avoiding jams, precise positioning, guide posts, positioning pins, etc. The positioning system is related to the appearance quality of the finished product, the processing quality and the life of the plastic mold. According to the different processing structure of the plastic mold, different positioning methods are selected. The positioning accuracy control mainly depends on the processing, and the internal mold positioning is the designer's full consideration and design A more reasonable and easy to adjust positioning method.
  4. Pouring system, that is, the feed channel from the nozzle of the injection molding machine to the cavity, including the main runner, the runner, the gate and the cold slug. In particular, the selection of the gate position should be conducive to the molten plastic filling the cavity in an outstanding state of activity, and the solid runner and gate cold material attached to the finished product can be easily ejected from the plastic mold processing and removed when the mold is opened. .
   5. Plastic mold processing shrinkage rate and various factors affecting the accuracy of the finished product, such as mold making and installation errors, mold wear, etc. In addition, when designing compression molds and injection molds, you should also consider the matching of molding machine skills and structural parameters. Computer-aided design skills have been widely used in plastic mold design.

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