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What preparations should be made before manufacturing plasti

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Mold is known as the mother of industry. With the rapid development of modern industry, the role of plastic mold in all walks of life has reached an irreplaceable position; with the development of China's economy after several decades of reform and opening up, China's The mold level is slowly catching up with the international advanced level. Therefore, it is not only necessary to improve the precision and life of the mold. The speed and duration of the entire plastic mold processing also need to be connected with the international advanced level. This requires the plastic mold factory. Before the start of the whole project, sufficient preparations should be made to avoid delays in the construction period caused by repeated trials and mold changes, and what preparations should be generally required before the production of plastic molds?
First, understand the function of the required products
1. Understand what type of products are subsequently produced. The safety standards and test standards of different types of products in different industries are different. These need to be considered according to the actual situation in the subsequent design. Mold.
2, any mold has a service life and need to be maintained, so the understanding of the function of the product is more clear, on the premise of satisfying the product function, the structural design of the whole mold is as simple as possible, which is convenient for the later personnel. The mold is maintained and repaired.
3. Know the function of the product clearly. When selecting the plastic mold, you can select the appropriate mold raw material according to the different performance of each part of the product, so that the whole mold can meet the standard required for production and control the cost of raw materials.
  Second, understand the injection molding process of the product
 1. It is necessary to have a certain understanding of the subsequent product injection molding production process. Different product performance determines the different process in the injection molding production process, and this will indirectly affect the design of the plastic mold, only comprehensive understanding of the follow-up The production process can design the most suitable mold to avoid repeated trial and repair.

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