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Plastic mold forming process and influencing parameters

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Plastic mold forming process and influencing parameters
   The production of plastic molds needs to follow a certain cycle process, the main process is as follows:
  1) Mold closing---the mold is closed and high pressure is generated
  2) Injection---Molten plastic is injected into the cavity at a certain speed, pressure and metering
  3) Maintain pressure---next to the injection section, still inject the plastic with a certain pressure to feed
  4) Cooling---the process of product cooling and shaping
  5) Material storage---The screw rotates back and plasticizes a certain amount of raw materials for the next injection.
  6) Mold opening---mold open
  7) ejection---the product is pushed out after cooling and setting
  8) Mold clamping starts the next cycle
Five parameters of plastic mold molding:
  1) Pressure: including injection pressure, holding pressure, clamping force, back pressure, ejection pressure, water pressure, etc.
  2) Speed: including injection speed, mold opening and closing speed, material storage speed, ejection speed, etc.
  3) Temperature: material pipe temperature, mold temperature, cooling medium temperature, original semi-dry temperature, etc.
  4) Time: injection time, holding pressure time, cooling time, forming circumference, etc.
  5) Position: storage metering position, loosening and retreat, injection section switching position, holding pressure switching point, mold opening position, ejection position

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