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What are the precautions in the use of mold inserts?

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Good mold inserts play an important roal in promoting industrial development. Professional mold inserts are available in different models, and the technologies used are continuously updated according to the inconsistencies of the applications. Of course, the mold inserts that are purchased have some standards during the process of using, paying special attention to the operation, or else it will directly affect the use of the mold inserts.
What are the precautions in the use of mold inserts?
First, the mold insert and the corresponding structure should be matched 
The quality of the mold insert will eventually be achieved, and it is related to the structure that will be installed. The shape of the product and the structure need to correspond highly. If this is not done, it will be difficult to install the product smoothly. The formwork carrying the product also has certain specifications, the thickness of the template should be moderate, and the rigidity and toughness must conform to the standard.
Second, carefully select the mold material
The material properties of the mold inserts affect the manufacturing process and service life of the mold, and the rationalized material composition can extend the period of using. Try to choose high-quality steel as the main part of the material, and they can maintain the optimal level of flexibility and rigidity, and pay attention to the fact that the chemical composition cannot exceed or exceed the standard.
Third, take a reasonable forging process
The final molded mold insert is to be forged, preferably by cold extrusion, so as to prevent the mold insert from being deformed in an overheated environment, the structure will be softened. The hot and cold alternate forging process can ensure the rigidity of the mold inserts and increase the pressure level for prolonging the usable time.
Mold inserts, in addition to some sorting criteria before purchasing, help to purchase the most reasonable quality and most reasonable products, the application process of the mold inserts is also worth noticing after purchasing. After all, it is a refined product. Many corresponding mold specifications and material compositions have relevant regulations and standards. Be sure to pay more attention to operate of each link in case of affecting the normal use.

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