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What are the main manufacturing processes for the mold thimb

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Nowadays, with the booming manufacturing industry, the mold manufacturing industry is emerging. The using of plastic molds require the thimbles to work together. The high-quality mold thimble cylinder has gradually won the recognition of more consumers due to its high precision and high strength, and the thimble cylinder with good processing technology will be more competitive in the mold industry. So, what manufacturing processes do you need as a support for high-quality mold thimble cylinder? Let's have a look at it with the editor!
What are the main manufacturing processes for the die thimble?
The firstly major skill: EDM milling skills
Because of the intelligent and automatic characteristics of the EDM milling process, it is possible to apply high-speed rotation to manufacture multi-dimensional flat products. The high-precision thimble is the skill in this process, and it can be smoothly built without the need to use complex motor circuits.
The secondly major skill: mold software skills

Nowadays, the new generation of mold CAD software technology has excellent intelligence and manufacturing ability. This is a skill that is caused by the rich practical knowledge and successful experience of the expert domain experts combined with the advanced design concept. The mold thimble cylinder is not a missing part of the mold, so this technique can accurately evaluate the construction and function of the thimble cylinder, making the correlation between the precision and the accessories much higher than the traditional manufacturing.
The thirdly major skill: high-speed milling skills
In the production of the thimble thimble cylinder, the technology has the advantages of high milling speed and high processing precision. The surface of the thimble cylinder which is processed by this advantage is extremely lubricated, and now this technology is gradually expanding in the direction of intelligence and integration.
The above is the introduction of the three major processes for the thimble cylinder production process analyzed by the mold thimble production company, which are EDM milling technology, mold software technology and high-speed milling technology. These sophisticated processing technologies have laid the soild foundation for the quality of the mold thimble cylinder.

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