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Several methods for fine positioning of mold base

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In the process of producing the mold base, it is usually necessary to make the front mold portion and the rear mold portion of mold base, and the front mold portion and the rear mold portion need to be frequently opened or closed. However, in the process of opening and closing the mold base, it is firstly necessary to ensure the accurate positioning of mold base. Therefore, we need to add fine positioning on the mold base, so how to finely position the mold base, we need to understand.
Several methods for fine positioning of mold base
First, the positioning method of the mold base side lock
The mold base usually needs to be added with 4 sets of side locks for positioning after the whole set is completed. Usually, the most common position for the position of the side lock is the middle part of the four sides of the mold base. This is because the front mold part and the back mold part of the mold base have a problem of radioactive temperature difference during use, and the accuracy often changes due to thermal expansion and contraction. When the front mold parts and the back film parts of the mold base are closed, it is easy to cause burns on the side of the mold blank, so choosing to install the side lock in the middle of the four sides can effectively prevent such a situation.
Second, the mold base can not be positioned on four sides
When the mold base is sometimes finished, there will be a slider in the middle of the four sides, and the hanging hole or other structure overlaps with the part where the side lock is originally intended to be installed. Generally, when this situation is encountered, the positions of the four side locks can be simultaneously moved to the four diagonal positions of mold base for installation. In this way, while the installation can be smoothly performed, it is also possible to avoid the occurrence of burns on the side of mold base.
Third, the method of positioning the cone and the slope
In addition, there is a case where the slider is present on all four sides of mold base. At this time, the edge lock cannot be used for fine positioning, but other methods can be used for fine positioning, for example, the tapered fine positioning or the inclination can be used. The square fine positioning method avoids the situation where the slider appears on the four sides of mold base.
The precise positioning of mold base is an important step in the production process of mold base, especially in the production of non-standard mold base. The above methods are very practical and simple, skilled use of the above several positioning methods, can make the mold base longer life,higher precision and customers are more satisfied. Learning the above several positioning methods could offer some helps to everyone in the production of mold base.

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