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What issues need to be considered when purchasing the mold t

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In recent years, the development of the plastic products industry has been developing smoothly, and it has also been developed using new materials such as plastic steel and rubber. Its finished products are used in many industries. And because plastic products are cheap and quality, many areas have even begun to use plastics instead of metal materials. The development of plastic materials is inseparable from the support of the injection mold industry, and the most critical accessory in the professional processing of injection molding is the mold thimble! So, for the consumer, what issues should be paid attention to when buying the mold thimble? Let's have a look at it with editor.
What issues need to be considered when purchasing the mold thimble cylinder?
1. The appearance requirements of the thimble
The mold thimble cylinder manufacturer tells you that the thimble cylinder is commonly used for measuring micrometers and calipers, measuring the general dimensions of the thimble, such as the length of the thimble, the outer diameter and so on. In addition, the editor suggests that you also need to understand the standard size and measurement method of the thimble, which is more conducive to the choice.
2. Inspection of the hardness of the thimble
The hardness of the die thimble cylinder is also very important. We often use the Rockwell hardness tester to stop the hardness test of the thimble cylinder, and check the hardness of the thimble cylinder to effectively prevent the hardness from affecting the quality of the thimble.
3. Checking the precision requirements of the goods
When purchasing some high-precision mold thimble cylinder, and the precision requirements are very high, it is obvious that there is no way to ensure the accuracy of the vernier caliper and the micrometer. Therefore, it is necessary to choose another, using more sophisticated testing equipment, such as two-dimensional detection, and three-dimensional detection of things, can more intuitively distinguish the error that can be measured.
The above are the three main problems that you needs to consider during the process of purchasing mold thimble cylinder, that is, the appearance requirements of the thimble cylinder, the inspection of the thimble hardness, and the inspection of the precision requirements of the product. This will help you to select a more sophisticated and high quality die thimble product. In addition, if you want to know more information, you can consult the company's official website.

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